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128 Item - Assorted Fastener Pegboard Display

128 Item - Assorted Fastener Pegboard Display
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Part Number: GPH-128/5
OEM Part: Fastener Display
Serial Number: GPH-128/5


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Display includes our top 128 blister card products including..

- Cap Nuts - Hex Head Cap Screws
- Lock Nuts - Phillips Pan Head Self Tapping Screws
- Flat Washers - Phillips Oval Head Self Tapping Screws
- Lock Washers - Phillips Flat Head Self Tapping Screws
- Wing Nuts - Phillips Oval Head Machine Screws
- Fender Washers - Phillips Pan Head Machine Screws
- Hex Nuts - Phillips Flat Head Machine Screws
- Finish Washers - Aluminum Pop Rivets
- Stainless Steel Pop Rivets - Assorted Cotter Pins
- Compass Mount Kits - Fishing Rod Holder Mounting Kits
- Depth Finder Mounting Kits - License Plate Mounting Kits
- Antenna Base Mounting Kits - GPS Mounting Kits
- Ladder Mounting Kits - Radio Mounting Kits
- Well Nuts - Lag Nuts


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